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Learn how to communicate about money, handle conflicts and build an unbreakable financial house! 

Financial stress is the leading cause of breakups and divorce… imagine if it didn’t have to be that way!

Want to know how your money personality affects your relationship and what to do about it?

How about when you just want your partner to see your point of view on financial issues and it’s just not happening? Do you ever find yourself wondering WHY they behave a certain way when it comes to money?

Let’s Fight About Money explains why people fight about money and shows you step by step how to handle those conflicts, communicate about them and how to start fighting FOR a stronger financial future!

Licensed financial experts, Martin and Chelsea Matthews, with a combined 19 years of experience, go beyond the typical financial approach and draw from their personal development experience to help you enhance your finances AND relationship.

'Let's Fight About Money' Will Help You To:

  • Know the best ways to communicate and give you the confidence to deal with conflicts
  • Build the foundation of YOUR Financial Legacy, including HOW to teach your kids about money 
  • Fight FOR each other because you can have both financial success AND family success

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